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The Cliffs Independent Property Owners


The Cliffs Independent Property Owners is a grassroots movement comprised of a proactive group who are also principally members of The Cliffs POA Inc.  Our mission is to create a forum where Independent Property Owners can readily access and submit news and events that affect our property, homes and lives in an unbiased open manner. The Cliffs resort is truly a unique and beautiful geographic area and we desire to protect our investments while building and improving on the natural recreational attractions with fun and exciting activities, events and social gatherings.


The Cliffs Independent Property Owners (CIPO), periodically holds meetings for the purpose of informing all owners of the current state of affairs and events that affect them, their families and their property.  We desire to have an unbiased forum, town hall type meeting so that those owners without a voice can be heard.


Cliffs Independent Property Owners
Graford, TX 76449

Are you a property owner in the Cliffs Resort at Possum Kingdom Lake?

We are too. We need good contact information for you, especially your email address.

For further clarification, we are NOT Double Diamond or Cliffs personnel. We are home and lot owners just like you who are coming together with our own new website, regular information & news updates, as well as resource sharing to help each other.

There is a lot of information and developments that need to be shared with other property owners by property owners, but we must also be mindful and efficient with our limited resources and direct these primarily through the email system instead of mailings.

Would you please email your best contact phone number(s) and preferred email addresses to our collection email address to: cliffspropertyowner@gmail.com

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